Autumn Color Drive – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

After postponing the Autumn Color Drive two consecutive Saturdays, that PERFECT day rolled around October 21 as over 2 dozen people gathered at Sawmill Inn to motor in 17 cars over the twisty roads surrounding Holy Hill. And it seems that the Fall foliage was at it’s color peak to lend a beautiful backdrop to the parade. Club members were notified using day-before messages with Go/No Go decisions, and this worked very well. Thanks go to Ken Rizzo for the timely e-mails. We had a complete post-war T-section (TC, TD, TF), modern Midgets, MGA, and dominating the line up, 10 MGBs. We were as colorful as the trees. The whimsical “Ghost Display” along the route had a NASCAR theme this year…see the photo section. The drive took 1 1/2 hours before the group arrived back at the Sawmill Inn, most staying for lunch. Interestingly, a couple from California stopped by during the start to introduce themselves, take a group picture,  and see us off. They are members of the San Diego MG Club. The only known unfortunate incident happened on the ride home; Bob Balderson’s MGA was struck in the rear at a stoplight by a larger vehicle. Apparently, the driver was taking a picture of the MGA through the windshield of his own vehicle, but not paying attention to his driving. Bob is OK, but damage to the car will require bodywork. This drive was the best attended event of 2017. Thanks to all who waited for the weather to cooperate and came out for the finale. You sure looked good! 

Those participating in the drive:
  1. Dave Jefferson—MG TC (lead car)
  2. Bob & Alice Wirth—MG TF
  3. John Westimayer & Kathy Parker—MG TD
  4. Dave & Anne Hanson—MGB
  5. Tom Hahn—MGB
  6. Dennis Flancher—MGB
  7. Al Luening—MBG
  8. Pete Probst—MGB
  9. Mike Schonfelder—MG Midget
  10. Wayne Radaj & Steve Stadler—MGB
  11. Patty Stoller—Triumph Spitfire (original owner & finish)
  12. Jim & Margaret Maslowski—MGB
  13. Cliff Muehlenberg—MGB (over 6,000 miles for the season)
  14. Bob & Amy Gehweiler—MGB
  15. Jerry & Bobbie Brown—MGB
  16. Ron & Lauren Willman—MG Midget
  17. Bob Balderson—MGA
Pictures of the 2017 Autumn Color Drive taken mostly by Dave Jefferson.   Place your cursor on the first picture/slide and click.  The picture will enlarge.  You can then move forward and backward through the pictures by clicking on arrows located just below the bottom corners of the picture.

2017 Fall Tour to Tomah Wisconsin
They did it again! The Madison British Car Group planned and pulled off yet another road trip into beautiful Wisconsin countryside with stops at great places for short tours and lunches. The weather was stunning with brilliant sunshine and temperature in low 70s so as to be comfortably cool. The Best Western in Tomah was clean & comfy as the base of operations. The predominant color of the land was green, most likely due to greater rainfall this year along with mild temperatures. I noticed some scenery where the green, even through my polarized sunglasses, appeared “Neon”. It was tough while driving to keep eyes on the road. We visited the Cranberry museum (Wisconsin leads the world in production) and gift shops in Amish country, watching out for horse-drawn buggies on the road. Since there is no operating odometer in the MGA, I estimated total driving mileage for the 3 days at 416 miles, traveling top up for the long hauls, and top down for the local touring in and around Tomah. How wonderful it was to meet up with fellow wanderers. What a lovely adventure…I’m home less than 24 hours and already feeling nostalgic!
From the “Milwaukee” area:
  1. Dave & Anne Hanson—MGB
  2. Don & Carol Schuh—MGB
  3. Charlie & Anita Wojciechowski—MGB
  4. Fred & Meg Fleischmann (Racine)—MGB-GT
  5. Dave Jefferson—MGA
  6. Bob & Deb Jozwowski (Wautoma)—MGA
From the “Madison” area:
  1. Tom & Shirley Smith—Triumph TR6
  2. Rich Bogen & Dawn Farris—MGB
  3. Gene & Judy Davis—Lotus Elan
  4. Victor & Joy Soderstrom—Mercedes
  5. Dave & Nancy Spearing (meeting up only for lunch
Safety Fast !    Dave Jefferson
Pictures of the 2017 Fall Tour by the Lake taken by Dave Jefferson.   Place your cursor on the first picture/slide and click.  The picture will enlarge.  You can then move forward and backward through the pictures by clicking on arrows located just below the bottom corners of the picture.

MG3 at 2017 Show and Glow
This is a test; please answer the following multiple choice question:
Which, if any, are true statements?
A .  A 1971 MG Midget, without an engine, beat out Ferraris, Porsches, and Jaguars to capture            “People’s Choice Award”.

B.  One club displayed all MG 2-seat sports car types from the start up of post-WWII production      (1945) thru the end of production at Abingdon (1980).

C. The MG3 club president, while packing his car full, forgot to bring the club banner.
D. There IS a free lunch!!
E. All of the above
The correct answer is E.
We did it!! We actually did it! We pre-registered…We came…We conquered! The image of a temporary battlefield HQ came to mind as I looked at the awnings with all sorts of flags flying in the breeze. I assured Chris Conrad, that his award-winning Bonneville Midget was safely protected by a “defensive perimeter” of MGs. We indeed parked the cars in a circle, the only section to do so. We were definitely unique. That seemed to catch the attention of visitors.
The weather was gorgeous, ranging from sunny to partly cloudy, and warm but not unbearably hot. Best of all….NO RAIN!!
Participants and their cars in (almost) chronological order as displayed:
The Circle:
Joe Kramer (charter member from 1972)—MG TC
Dave Jefferson—MG TC
John Stark—MG TD
Jim Leichtle—MG TD
Bob Wirth—MG TF
Bob Balderson—MGA
Ed  & Gerry Kaufman—MGA
Dan Donahue—MG Midget (1965 original owner)
Ron Willman—MG Midget
Tom Pecus—MGB Chrome
Jim Maslowski—MGB Chrome
Dave & Anne Hanson—MGB Chrome
Jim & Linda Talos—MGB Chrome (early pull handle)
Wayne Radaj—MGB Rubber
Cliff Muehlenberg—MGB Rubber
In the Center Ring:
Chris Conrad—1971 MG Midget (Salt Flats Record holder, “Best in Class”, “Peoples Choice”)
Ron Videkovich & Kathryn—“Duchess” TD tribute
Unknown participant—BSA motorcycle
My absolute gratitude goes to these participants for answering the “Call to Action”, ensuring us a section dedicated to MGs. We did it TOGETHER. I’ve never before seen club members so cohesive, happy and excited to be part of something this special. Super Kudos are due for treasurer Ron Willman for arranging delivery of Cousins Subs directly to the section around lunchtime…a home run. Thanks also to the organizers who repeated more than once that they were impressed with our efforts. I can hardly wait for next year!  Safety Fast !  Dave Jefferson
Pictures of the 2017 Show & Glow by the Lake taken by Dave Jefferson and Dave Hanson. These are random pictures taken at the show and edited by Ken Rizzo  Place your cursor on the first picture/slide and click. The picture will enlarge. You can then move forward and backward through the pictures by clicking on arrows located just below the bottom corners of the picture.

2017 Lost Soul Rally
A perfect day. The weather was just that… and could not have been better if made to order. MG3ers gathered at the McDonalds west of Waukesha for our start, and, it appeared that we had entered a time warp. The first 2 cars to arrive were MG TDs, something of a throwback to the founding 45 years ago when the club was exclusively “T” series MGs. After grouping for the briefing, the weather “A-OK”, each vehicle “go for launch”, cars started on the course at intervals. Due to recent flooding during the monsoon downpours earlier in the week, every participant had to improvise when they confronted a sign on HWY 120 reading “ROAD CLOSED”. All detoured on their own (most backtracking & hopping onto I-43 until the next exit) to continue south over beautiful, lush Wisconsin countryside, eventually arriving at the Sprecher Restaurant in Lake Geneva. After lunch, participants gathered for group photos outside the restaurant before heading home. No mechanical or emotional breakdowns to report!
Members participating (in alphabetical order, pilot first, navigator second):
Bernie & Teri Evans—assistant to rallymaster & co-pilot—Triumph GT6
Tom Hahn & Dave Jefferson—MGB
Bill & Felicia Hennessy— MGA
Peter & Chris Probst—MGB
John & Trudy Stark—MG TD
Ron Videkovich, solo—“Duchess” tribute to MG TD
John Wackman & Mary Zimpelman—MG TD
Ron & Kalleah Willman—rallymaster & co-pilot—MG MIdget
And the awards went to:
1st Place Gold—Bob Wackman & Mary Zimpelman (winners of the 2004 LSR in the same car!)
2nd Place Silver—Peter & Chris Probst
3rd place Bronze & declared Lost Souls—John & Trudy Stark
In additional to award plaques, each winner received a gift wrapped basket of 3 Sprecher sodas and large metal-cut MG logo. 
Thanks to all for making the scene. Huge accolades to Ron Willman for devising and serving as rallymaster and to Bernie Evans for his assistance. What an enjoyable ride… and perfect day!!

Pictures of the 2017 Lost Soul Rally Day taken by Dave Jefferson and Bernie Evans. These are unedited random pictures taken at the show.  Place your cursor on the first picture/slide and click. The picture will enlarge. You can then move forward and backward through the pictures by clicking on arrows located just below the bottom corners of the picture.

2017 British Car Field Day 

Final Score: British Car Field Day 100 vs Weather Forecasters 0

MG3 members gathered by the dozens in Sussex on Father’s Day, June 18 to celebrate a glorious day in the sun, with temps in the low to mid 70*s. Many described the day as perfect.

The 2 minutes of rain that fell did so AFTER the show during the club picnic. By then, we were sheltered at the pavilion. Ron Willman, treasurer, provided a variety of fresh sub sandwiches for all, a generous donation from Cousins Subs. Much thanks to him for arranging the treat. Participants also brought soda, water, chips, salsa, salads, cookies and pastries to share. What a great way to relax with “old timers” and brand new members as well.

Without crunching actual numbers, it appeared that MGs ruled the field, with the most of any name marque, especially MGBs, plus a strong showing of Midgets. Another good show was the half dozen in the MG T series section. Interestingly, a TC owned by none other than Joe Kramer, one of MG3’s 1972 founding members, took it’s place on the show line. After asking “Is there still an MG Club?”, Joe took & promised to fill out a club application to rejoin.

 Great showing: 10 MG3 members garnered 12 awards, not all with MGs. The following won awards:

  John Cline  1st Place  MGA & 2nd Place  TR3                                                         Bob & Alice Wirth  1st Place MG TC & Peoples Choice                                         Dave Jefferson  2nd Place  MG TC / Paul Hundt  2nd Place  MGB-GT                     Peter Probst  2nd Place  MGB                                                                        Wayne Radaj  3rd Place  MGB                                                                            Tom Pecus  2nd Place  MGB Chrome Bumper                                                        Bart & Kristen Finnel  3rd Place  MGB Chrome Bumper                                            Ron Willman  1st Place  MG Midget                                                                    Ridge Howard  1st Place  Triumph GT6

 Volunteers are where it’s at! Thanks to those MG3 members who gave of their time and efforts to bring off this event: Bernie Evans, Tom Hahn, Ron Willman, Fred Anderson, Fred Fleischmann, Wayne Radaj.