April 11, 2015 Tech Session Report

Wow!  What a way to break in the 2015 MG driving season…and this event was not a driving event, although several individuals arrived in their British machines.  On Saturday April 11th members of the MG3 Club and other supporters gathered at Chris Conrad’s garage for this year’s first Tech Session.  After some coffee and donuts, 25 of us proceeded to our seats to take in a very inspiring presentation on MG’s involvement in the search for several land speed records.  Chris first gave us a glimpse into MG’s history dating back into the 1930’s and how time and time again they searched for a world speed record.  It was hard to believe that under a streamlined racecar was the soul and framework of an MG TC!  As Chris wrapped up the brief history lesson, it was now time to discuss his mission of the same goal. To break the land speed record in a MG Midget!  Chris brought us back to the start of his endeavor that began eight years ago.  Chris explained and showed us along with his partners the trial and tribulations they went through to approach this goal.  As he spoke; there in the background of the garage with trophy was the proof of his long journey the 1971 MG Midget.  Chris’s journey and accomplishment has been documented in several magazine write-ups, but nothing was compared to smelling the mechanical atmosphere and company of fellow enthusiasts in his garage at this spring’s Tech Session.  And by the way Chris is planning to break his own record in the near future, maybe a follow-up will be in order!   Safety Fast!   -Jim Maslowski,V.P. Technical

President’s Comments:

I must say that this event was something special. I loved the spirit that was present in the very garage where the record car was put together. Chris Conrad wowed the club members and other guests with his very personal account of the 6 year preparation, including heartaches and lessons learned, ending in success  breaking the decades-old class record. It has been said that “you can set a record anywhere, but when you set a record on the Bonneville salt flats, you have a pedigree!”. Chris was presented with a recognition plaque that reads:

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